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How do we do it

We know that it’s critically important to identify and understand your customers. But, while you can have all the data and insight in the world, that information is utterly worthless if your brand or business doesn’t have a story to tell.

We help create those stories. We will create great ideas that will make your brand stand out from an increasingly growing and noisy crowd of competitors. Before that happens, we immerse ourselves in your business, understand your strategy, your target audience and the business objectives that flow from that strategy. Our founder and CEO – a strategist, business manager and marketer -will lead on that process. From there, we work with you to shape your communications strategy and create a plan that is closely aligned with your financial objectives. Great communication is almost always based on a simple proposition, brilliantly executed.

New communication channels emerge daily. We’ll keep you ahead of the curve with our market intelligence delivery and ahead of your competitors with a new approach to customer service in the PR and communications sector. When we work with a business, you will have exclusivity in our agency. Exclusivity within your category of business. That is the only way we can use all our creativity, energy, enthusiasm, acumen and experience to deliver results for you. We want you to be first and the best. We could not deliver that result if we were tasked with promoting one of your competitors. As such, we will only work with one travel company, one publisher, one airline, one restaurant. You get the idea. We will be your trusted advisors, not your competitors.

Our key objective is to work with you to create an innovative approach to public relations and strategic communications planning, delivery and measurement. In parallel, our reactive plan for you in times of crisis and unplanned circumstances will be in a high state of preparedness. Brand reputation is all for a brand or business. As Warren Buffett said: “It takes years to build a reputation and five minutes to destroy it”. Our team have been at the sharp end of some of the biggest news stories in history. We have been there and have the scars of experience to prove it. That experience becomes your experience. We’ll be ready and available all day everyday.

Our business model is somewhat different to other agencies. The Hollicom “Associate Network” has been structured so that we provide access to world class experts in their respective fields, who will work on your business should the strategic fit be right for the task in hand.

We are not a team of generalists. Our experts and specialists in the fields of crisis management, online reputation management, media training, internal communications, media consultancy and content marketing are second to none.

Our “Associate Network” breadth of experience includes editing national newspapers and magazines, managing global crisis management programmes, presenting national TV and radio news programmes, bloggers, writers and award winning journalists amongst many others.