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Looking for a way to make your Dry January less dull? You probably aren’t the first to jump on the hip sober bandwagon, which has become a rising phenomenon as more people try to avoid hangovers, save cash and lose weight after the festive season.

We’re all looking for new ways to practice self-care. But let’s face it, ordering an orange juice while our friends are guzzling prosecco and beer often simply just won’t cut it. 

This new year, Scottish, sustainable, and subversive soft drink brand Rapscallion Soda is offering a lip-smacking and guilt-free alternative to alcohol for those who want to socialise without the dreaded hangover. 

Offering refreshingly unique flavours to tingle the tastebuds, the Gorbals-born brand has launched a brand-new DIY option, where you can order 12 cans of soda of your choice online, choosing from five different flavours. In addition, they’re offering customers a tempting 10% off throughout the month of January – perfect for those who want to get healthy in 2022. Use JAN10 at checkout.

Gregor Leckie, founder of Rapscallion Soda, said: “There’s been a real cultural shift in recent years, meaning that more people are choosing to stay sober, which is something that I’ve always had in mind when it comes to creating a range of soft drinks that are actually healthy. 

“January is a really great time for people to kick-start their health journey and it doesn’t have to be boring. I wanted to give people the chance to mix and match from a range of sophisticated, high-quality fizzy drinks that are truly Scottish, without them being packed with sugars and additives. 

“We’ve created a recipe for every palette, so you’ll always have a can to challenge your taste buds. We have reimagined the traditional sickly sweet soft drink and replaced that mountain of sugar and artificial ingredients with fresh produce and modern production techniques to harness that real flavour from the fruit.
Our cans have the flavour and complexity to make people feel they’re still part of a night out, without the alcohol. These are soft drinks made for adults.”

The fresh fruit evangelists pride themselves in only using only raw, natural ingredients to create delicious, vegan-friendly, low-calorie soft drinks using fresh and seasonal ingredients, with no nasties. 

Unlike other brands, the makers behind Rapscallion don’t boil their fresh fruit ingredients, nor do they rectify flavours with often-harmful sweeteners or acids. Their sodas are instead crafted by hand in small batches, delicately extracting supreme flavour from Scottish fresh fruits and just a small amount of raw organic sugar cane.  Carbonation then supercharges the aroma of the fruit juice, integrating layers of incomparable flavour which unravel as you crack open the can.

All the drinks have different flavour dynamics too, which add a further premium aspect to them. Choose from a diverse range of flavours, such as Ginga Ninja, Burnt Lemon, Dry Lime, Scottish Cranachan and Scottish Strawberry sodas, which are better tasting, better for you and better for the planet.

For those wanting to cut through the sweet post-Christmas food coma, the dry and fiery Ginga Ninja is ginger beer re-imagined for the modern palate. Meanwhile, the tart and juicy Burnt Lemon is a complex treat, like a delicious lemon meringue pie without all the sugar. The bitter and sharp Dry Lime is just like biting into a lime, without the tequila chaser. And those with an insatiable sweet tooth might enjoy the bright, light and buttery Scottish Cranachan soda or the Scottish Strawberry which has a deep rich flavour with a long savoury bite. 

Gregor continued: “There’s something there for everyone, whether you’re sober, sober curious, want to shun sugary soft drinks or simply want to feel a bit healthier, Rapscallion Soda is a great way to start your new year!”

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