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Looking for a way to keep the kids or adults entertained during the forthcoming marathon Christmas shopping sessions? Maybe after a break yourself? In that case, Table Tennis Scotland invites you to pop-in-and-play at two locations in Edinburgh.

Table Tennis Scotland is inviting people of all ages to partake in a game at The Gyle and Ocean Terminal shopping centres in Edinburgh to take time out, and try this fun, dramatically growing sport for free!

With a dedicated space in each centre, top-quality tables and kit are available for anyone to have a go. A fun, accessible and ever-popular sport, table tennis is a great way to keep fit, shake off some shopping stress or burn calories after many mince pies.

It’s hoped that through these hassle-free sessions, where shoppers of all ages can ping-pong merrily on high, will leave The Gyle and Ocean Terminal with a new hobby as well as bags of presents.

Table tennis is a phenomenal way to keep mentally sharp and physically fit. While players can take it as easy as they like when they pop-in-and-play, the sport has great potential to improve hand-eye co-ordination, reduce joint pain, burn calories and even improve brain health. As well as these benefits, it is a social sport designed for making new friends and having a laugh.

Supported by dedicated volunteers, you can learn the basics from semi-pros or just pick up a paddle and try to get a rally going.

Terry McLernon MBE, Chairman of Table Tennis Scotland, said: The goal of these spaces is to give people the chance to try something new.

“The tables have really garnered a lot of interest and we see people of all ages and backgrounds popping in, it’s lovely to see.

“At the height of the Christmas season, The Gyle and Ocean Terminal will see thousands of shoppers all looking for a unique experience and we’re delighted to put table tennis forward as a perfect way to make it a Christmas shopping trip to remember.

“It is almost impossible to walk past a ping-pong table, we want people to give in to the temptation, so pop and play this Christmas!”

The pop-in-and-play space is open at The Gyle from 11am-2pm 7 days a week while Ocean Terminal is open on weekends from 11am-2pm.

For people in Edinburgh looking to take part in the sport on a more regular basis, Murrayfield Table Tennis Club, is one of the oldest in Scotland with a proud 100 year history and new members are always welcome.