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It’s no secret that keeping active is essential for our physical and mental health. Sadly, in today’s world, most people find themselves chained to a desk with little time or energy to even contemplate going to the gym. 

However, if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that our health and wellbeing should come first. So, many are looking for unique ways to squeeze in their recommended daily 30 minutes of activity.  

Heather Suttie, Creative Director at Hollicom and self-confessed “ping pong nut”, believes that table tennis is the way forward. 

In defence of this, she has come up with 10 reasons why every office needs a table: 

1. It’s inclusive. People of all ages can participate – whether you are 5, 95 or everywhere in between. All fitness levels can play, it’s universally fun, and most people have played it at some point.

2. Whipping your boss or senior colleagues at it will feel good, will get you noticed, you’ll earn the respect of your fellow colleagues, and a little competitive spirit is great for morale.

3. It will take your mind off everything else, and as a result, you’ll experience mindfulness without even trying. That’s quite zen.

4. Great way to vent frustration without resorting to turning the air blue or losing the rag with a client or colleague. Take it out on the table and your opponent.

5. It’s easy on your joints, knees and back and easy on your attire – no need for hi-tech kit to join in.

6. It works; it’s often called “high-speed chess” and is used by elite athletes to improve hand-eye coordination, reflexes and fast decision making.

7. It provides social, physical and recreational interaction away from your desk and the pub.

8. Play stimulates the aerobic respiratory system and brain function with minimum exertion. Effortless play is mesmerising to watch and do.

9. You’ll meet interesting people. I’ve met some great characters through playing table tennis at work, on holiday and in local clubs. I’ve met and played Keanu Reeves, The Prodigy, Kylie and many other musicians and actors.

10. It’s a top laugh. You’ll feel refreshed and motivated afterwards – a great way of being stress-free. Ultimately, you’ll feel brilliant at work which can only be better for productivity, creativity and a happy workplace all around. 

Not convinced? This article explains in greater detail why ping pong is good for your brain. 

The documentary Ping Pong is also a wonderful vindication of table tennis and its benefits. It’s about friendship, travel, ageing, sport, positivity, beliefs, mortality and importantly, the joy of table tennis. You can watch the trailer here. I’ve bought more than 20 copies of it on DVD for young children and adults of all ages. If you need some inspiration and humour right this minute, this will do the trick beautifully.

Convinced that table tennis would be an excellent way for you and your colleagues to keep active while having a laugh? Get in touch with Heather via email at, and she will be able to get you a table at an affordable price!

Also, keep an eye out for some big table tennis news from Table Tennis Scotland in 2022!