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Glasgow’s newest gastropub, The Duke’s Umbrella launches brunch and Sunday Roast this weekend, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd May.

Already garnering rave reviews on social media, the gastropub on the city’s Argyle Street is welcoming guests to sample for the first time, it’s brunch and Sunday Roast offerings.

There’s a plethora of hearty food and drink options which are laden with comfort and flavour as The Duke does things differently.

Head Chef John Molloy said:

“First class produce, and provenance is key for us, and we’ve chosen to work with the best in the business for our local produce, including Bernard Corrigan’s for our seafood and Davidson’s the butcher for our meat. 

“We smoke our bacon in-house because smoked bacon is much better, and we cure it in maple syrup then it’s smoked it with maple wood, and it works a treat in our bacon and duck egg roll.” 

Brunch is served from 10-2 and The Duke’s Bacon and Duck Egg Roll is simply scrumptious and comes with maple cured and smoked bacon, smoked in house to maximise the flavour, with rich fried duck egg, bacon butter with a hearty dollop of mushroom ketchup on a toasted brioche bun.

Or you can go full on with a traditional Full Scottish breakfast with veggie and vegan options.

When it comes to eggs, choose from Ox Cheek Benedict, (classics on request too) Arbroath Smokie Omelette or go bold with the Breakfast Scotch Egg which features square sausage Scotch egg, sourdough crumb, black pudding, tomato, and bacon crisp.

Fans of black pudding may also enjoy the Fried Pigs Head and Black Pudding Croquette which feature packed eggs, anchovies, capers, and brown butter. Lighter options include Homemade Yoghurt and Granola or Avocado and Goats Cheese Chantilly serve on toasted sourdough.

Head Chef John Molloy said:

“For our egg dishes we wanted to make these really special and we’re using Arlington White eggs from Cacklebean Farm. Their free range, perfectly white hens lay white shelled eggs which when prepared, have a deep orangey, red yolk that really tastes the way an egg yolk should taste.

“When it comes to our Fried Pigs Head and Black Pudding Croquette, the texture will be soft braised meat and black pudding, rich and unctuous whilst being crispy from the fried breadcrumbs.

“We use the pigs head as it’s responsible to use the whole animal and of course our black pudding also features the blood of the animal, there’s a lot of underrated cuts such as cheek and tongue which you’ll see across our menus.”

Sunday Roast is served from 12 with a choice of a rump of beef or chicken and is served with Yorkshire pudding, duck fat roast potatoes, charcoal blackened carrot, black kale, and watercress with a red wine jus. Wine pairings are part of the experience at The Duke’s Umbrella. When restrictions allow, enjoy Malbec by the glass or Rioja by the bottle with the beef and the Montepulciano goes down a treat with the chicken Sunday Roast.

General Manager Craig McKay said:

Weather allowing if you’re having a table outside, you’ll be able to sample The Duke’s Bloody Mary, made with Isle of Bute Oyster Gin, which was the world’s first gin made by distilling oyster shells. The almost savoury taste of the gin lends itself beautifully to the classic Bloody Mary cocktail and is served with a Cumbrae oyster on the side.”

And if you’re indoors there’s a selection of seven refreshing mocktails to mull over and these include Am Aff It, made with raspberry and honey cordial, lime, apple, and pineapple juice with a dash of Maraschino cherry syrup. Our Berry Concoction is Seedlip Spiced with blueberry and sage syrup, raspberries, lime, cranberry, and apple juice topped with lemonade.

The team are also looking at a series of unique collaborations, and one which is brewing is with Clydebank based Italian Aroma Coffee and Auchentoshan Whisky. Marco Giambastaini from Italian Aroma Coffee has come up with a secret process to combine Auchentoshan Whisky with the roasting of coffee beans to make whisky coffee, available only at The Duke’s Umbrella.

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