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With Brain Awareness Week just gone by, when it comes to celebrating women’s achievements there is one woman, I’d like to celebrate for her work in the arena of brain health and that is Dr Clara Russell MBBS MRCGP.

Prior to joining Hollicom in October 2020, I worked with Edinburgh-based

Dr Clara Russell. A medical doctor with 18 years’ experience working across the NHS, corporate health and private GP practices, I’m also privileged to call her a friend.

Born and educated in Edinburgh, she studied medicine at Newcastle University and completed GP training in 2007. She has further studied lifestyle and preventative medicine with the Institute of Functional Medicine based in the US and also completed further education in Sleep Medicine with The University of Edinburgh.

As part of my commitment in celebrating women’s achievements as part of International Women’s Day,  Dr Russell deserves to be recognised as she is committed to improving our brain health after she set up her business ‘Noggin the Brain People’ in 2017, to help people look after their noggins and noggins of those they care about most.

Dr Russell said “For me, brain health is personal. In 2013 our family faced a number of chronic brain-affecting conditions which had no cure including Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Dementia and anxiety. As an experienced GP I wanted to understand more about what we could do next and if, or how, we could look after our brains.

What I learned from my own research into how the health of our brains can be helped, preserved and actually improved, EVEN in the face of scary diagnoses like the ones we were facing, was jaw dropping. From my years of clinical experience,  I was well versed in heart health, skin health and lung health but I will be honest- brain health was a brand-new concept.

 She added “What I discovered was so important to share we created ‘Noggin the Brain People’ and our mission is to encourage everyone to take better care of their brains. There are lots of evidence backed ways to do this – which we call the building blocks of brain health: sleep, rest, movement, purpose, connections, gut health and nutrition. As nutrition is one of the most important parts of helping us feel better and one way we can look after our brain at every age, I have worked with a UK leading nutritionist to create a range of high-quality nutritional supplements containing ingredients that are based on the latest brain science. Research is ongoing in brain health, we know we don’t have all the answers, who does, but we know it has never been more important to look at ways we can look after our amazing brains.”

In 2021 Dr Russell and her team are launching new products   which include Noggin PAUSE which contains magnesium and carefully chosen botanicals like Ashwagandha, known for their ability to soothe and support the brain during times of stress.

 Noggin OOMPH does what it says, with a powerful blend of vitamins (all the Bs plus Vitamin C & D) minerals like Zinc, and botanical ingredients such as Rhodiola, Lions Mane Mushroom and Phosphatidylcholine, which all help your brain cells do the jobs they need to do.

I for one fully believe that brain health is just as important as our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing and I look forward to trying these new supplements. I’m already a fan of herbal supplements and can testify that Ashwagandha based products really work for me and I regularly listen to hypnotherapy sessions with the Clementine app – all good for my brain health.

How do you look after your brain health?

And for more information on Brain Awareness Week please visit Brain Awareness and if you’re interested in brain health, I recommend checking out Dr Clara Russell on Twitter.

Heather Suttie is Creative Director at Hollicom.

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