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It’s #FriYay and in this week’s Hollicom Digest read how the levy is dry, and about a real lightbulb moment for credit card providers. I mean, why did it take so long to realise they work better the other way around?

Fire the apprentice

When the 3billion apprenticeship levy was announced by then chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne, employers weren’t happy. They still aren’t. And it turns out that it isn’t even doing apprentices much good either. The Times (£) reports.

Don’t Tweet and do drugs

Elon Musk has said he was definitely not stoned when he issued the infamous Tweet about taking Tesla private. The reference to ‘4/20’ – a US slang term for cannabis (who knew?) and also his proposed price per share – was a coincidence, of sorts. Nevertheless, it has caused no end of headache for Mr Musk who is fighting not only widespread reputational damage, but also an SEC investigation. BBC provides a good read on the difficulties of being a billionaire.

How not to win friends and influence people

Social media stars have to make it plain if they have been paid to promote something on their channels – but some don’t. The Competition and Markets Authority is investigating ‘influencers’ who haven’t made clear if their endorsement is actually their choice or has been paid for. And those who fall foul could face court action. The Daily Business reports:

Watchdog targets celebrities over social media earnings

Why didn’t I think of that?

Your bank card works fine. Why change it? Except challenger bank Starling asked why shouldn’t it be changed. The process was surprisingly complicated, but making it vertical rather than horizontal makes complete sense. The Drum reports.

Don’t be that guy

There’s a war for talent going on out there and some employers aren’t doing themselves any favours. The key is to avoid giving off a bad first impression, according to recruitment firm Hays. Reported on Insider.