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Hollicom have reached the 6 month mark! Our Director of Strategic Communications Erikka Askeland reflects on the journey so far…

It’s hard to believe it but Hollicom has reached its six month anniversary.

The weeks and months have literally raced past since our launch party on 1 June – faster even than some of the elite runners participating in the Manchester Half Marathon, which was just one of the exciting achievements we have worked on with our clients since we fired the starting gun on the business.

From our base in Glasgow, in some rather swish offices at 200SVS, it feels like we have been around the world. We persuaded over 100 people in Nuneaton to row, bike and run the equivalent of 820 miles – the distance from there to Barcelona. We also supported one of our clients with a communications strategy when storms battered the Caribbean to devastating effect for residents and tourists. It just goes to show that the world is getting smaller as travel and communications extend our reach and this needs to be included in the thinking of every business.

One of the great things about working with our clients is what we are able to learn from them in what is often a truly collaborative process. We have been inspired by a number of them who put a laser-like focus on the needs of their customers, which in turn has become a core value of Hollicom.

A successful business is one that meets and exceeds their customers’ expectations. So who are our customers? Of course they are the clients that pay us for the time and expertise of the Hollicom team. But our customers are also the media, who do such great work telling compelling stories every day. We strive our utmost to support them with the content – be it the words, pictures or video – they need to achieve their editorial agenda. And while we are also negotiating the wave of digital and social media on behalf of our clients, we still rely on trusted sources of news and information and their important platforms to get the messages of our clients out there.

Media as an industry has been among the most disrupted in the long march towards the digital future. But the fundamentals of communication remain the same – a good story well told, including the who, what, when, where and why. We are fortunate that everyone on our team loves telling a good story, but with different experiences of using media to convey them. The Hollicom team is made up of digital natives who are conversant in Snapchat and Twitter, as well as digital immigrants whose fingers are still a bit stained with inky newsprint.

Since we opened for business there has been a snap UK election, the ongoing discussions around Brexit and all sorts of eye-popping geopolitical events, which means launching in 2017 hasn’t been for the faint hearted. But if everyone waited for the world to be normal before starting up, there would never be any entrepreneurs. We look forward to telling you more of our story at the next milestone in Hollicom’s development.

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